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Apple Next Generation iphone 6

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 does apple launching next generation iphone 6 this year ? 


Initially there was a lot of back-and-forth between the idea of smaller iPhone 6, either at the same 4-inch size as the current model, or slightly larger – between 4.5-inches and 4.7-inches,
              there will be a standard iPhone 6 model with a 4.7-inch or 4.8-inch display at a FULL HD1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, and a larger phablet variant with a 5.5-inch display using a 2K QHDresolution at 2272x1280 pixle

            What are other possible specs of this 2014 cool gadget? According to reports from the Wall Street Journal, iPhone 6 will feature a curved OLED display instead of LCD, a pressure sensitive touch screen with no home button and a bigger battery up to 2,000mAh. A dual core A7 processor is said to be used still on iOS 7, unless iOS 8 comes out surprisingly. Rumor has it that the company will offer the new device for 2014 with larger capacities, like 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. Sounds like really big changes!


    Some are arguing the iPhone is falling behind other competitor’s flagship devices in terms of image quality as the cameras are 8MP compared to 20MP cameras on the Sony Xperia Z1 and Nokia Lumia 1520. Maybe so. But as the iPhone 5s proved with its exceptionally good imaging capabilities: megapixels aren't everything.
After testing the iPhone 5s' camera out and seeing what it was capable of, we're dying to see how the setup will be improved aboard the iPhone 6. Could we also see full HD slow-motion video added? You bet your ass we could.


     the future versions of iphone might be using the nest generation A8 CHIPSETS.
TSMC will now undertake production of Apple’s 20nm A8 chipset for the iPhone 6 – and that same chipset will presumably be used inside Apple’s next-generation iPads as  well


   Other sources claim the two new iPhone handsets will be available in the usual 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants, plus a 128GB beast for those with lots of stuff to store. The battery is tipped to be rated at 1,800mAh while a 64-bit Apple A8 processor will use 2GB of RAM.


There is a lot of speculation about what Apple's new gadget iPhone 6, which is scheduled for launch in late JUNE 2014, is likely to be.
but no particular date or month of release have been officially released. so we need to make our eyes little more bigger and wait for it..


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